How It Works

With our help franchisees can supply our confectionary vending machines with a whole host of contractual terms. Our machines are solely for the promotion of the confectionary products that are purchased from our approved supplier. This makes it easier when it comes to sourcing your products, and we even include delivery to your home address.

A Sweets and Treats Vending franchise, maximises sales using top brand named products at exceptional purchase prices!

For a franchise fee from £9,950 + V.A.T. we will supply you with;


  • Minimum of 40 dispensing machines 

  • Initial stock of up to 190kgs confectionary with an approximate retail value of £2,702!

  • Letter Heads, Business Cards, Compliment Slips, Machine Registration Forms, Sales Report Forms, Accountancy Package, Files and Stationary

  • Full training in business administration, financial matters, legal obligations, marketing, merchandising, customer service, book keeping, V.A.T., insurance and product knowledge.

  • We are launching new and exciting products for the Sweets and Treats Vending market, combine this with our ongoing marketing to replace struggling sites, closed sites, or just to continue and grow your current business. We are creating more opportunity's than ever before to increase your turnover and profits.

  • Get in touch now for a no obligation consultation!


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