Why You should use a Sweets and Treats Vending Franchise


We give you the flexibility to operate and build your own business that suits a budget and time you have available. You can run your business either full time, or part time (evenings/weekends) so that you can retain any current employment you may have, should you wish to do so.


Cashflow - You can be taking money / earning profits from day one of the machines going on site, the business is recession proof and offers healthy profit margins in excess of 200% whilst encountering no bad debs or credits.


Potential Earnings - With the right attitude and commitment, you could be earning an O.T.E. of £30,000 p.a.


No Selling Required - Our products sell themselves due to the amount of money spent on advertising by the manufacturer


Limited Risk - We will put your machines in various locations, this way if one of your sites isn't a success you will still have the strength of your business through the remaining sites/machines.


We have an experienced on site sales support team on hand to procure the sites for you to install your machines into, and we have already included this in your initial cost.


When your machines are in place, they have such a wide target audience that won't be able to resist the temptation of a bargain treat, and the products will just sell themselves, all you have to do is collect the money and restock for the next round of profit!

How do you benefit?

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